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I tried this mat for 30 days and my painful foot pain went away.

By Michelle Scott | Saturday, September 30th


I simply concluded my day's work. My aching feet are excruciating.

It's been around ten hours of walking, assisting people, and just being on my feet all day.

As a nurse, I don't get much time to rest or relax.

But a few months ago, I began to have pins and needles in my feet. It didn't take long for the tingles to evolve into searing scorching agony. It felt like a hot poke was being shoved through my feet at moments.

And because I couldn't walk, the pounds piled on, putting even more strain on my feet...

For two years, my sore feet made my life a living nightmare, and the worst part was that I was doing everything I could to get well.


I tried everything, including potentially dangerous medicines, intense physical therapy, stretching, and even bizarre Eastern medicine, but nothing helped.

They all just serve to temporarily conceal the symptoms.

Painkillers are fantastic for delivering short-term comfort, but the impact wears off as soon as you stop using them.

They are also addicting.

There are also several unpleasant side effects, including as migraines and anxiety attacks.

Physical therapy is also beneficial, but it is out of my budget and requires a 60-minute travel each time.

Oriental medicine is totally overrated. I took it for a month and saw no substantial difference. It's just a waste of money and effort.

Exercise - Oh my gods!... I tried every workout available.

…But nothing worked.

And the more I attempted these failed remedies, the more depressed I felt.

I had almost given up...

Until one day, a friend with a similar condition fixed their problem and advised that I see a podiatrist, a specialist who specialised in foot discomfort.

“Don’t Even Think About the Wheelchair”

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I went to see a doctor, who verified my worst fears: I had neuropathy. That indicated my peripheral nerves had been injured and were deteriorating with age, causing significant pain and suffering.

The saddest aspect was that this disease was becoming worse by the day.

Neuropathic nerve erosion was a terrible ailment that may affect anybody, but individuals over the age of 40, those with impairments, and diabetics were more likely to suffer.

It wasn't simply a bodily nuisance, but...

Neuropathy took away our freedom and independence to pursue our passions.

Our life may easily devolve into a nightmare.

Constant foot discomfort and swelling kept us trapped within our own bodies, preventing us from living our finest years.

The doctor warned me that failing to act now might result in significant and permanent consequences such as loss of autonomy, confinement to a wheelchair, the need for crutches, or even amputation.

I was scared I was going to end up in a wheelchair.


Dr. Cory, one of the podiatrists at the adjacent hospital, suggested I try this new Grounding Mat.

Dr. Cory was a well-known expert on neuropathy who had lately invented a novel therapy.

They collaborated with a business called BambuGround to develop a groundbreaking mat that addressed the fundamental cause of neuropathic nerve erosion.

At the time, there were only a few people allowed for the clinical trials, but because I worked at the hospital, he was able to get me in.

The BambuGround Mat is what they name it.

Let me tell you, these things are miracle workers.

It was the first time I had heard of grounding.

It was a successful solution that yielded long-term results.

Unlike other goods that only give brief relief for foot discomfort and neuropathy, this mat employs cutting-edge technology to keep us grounded from home throughout the day.

Grounding is the practise of physically connecting with the Earth. It enables us to use the Earth's moderate negative charge to remove dangerous free radicals from your body.

Grounding has been shown in studies to significantly reduce the symptoms of chronic pain, exhaustion, anxiety, and sleeplessness.

So, after learning about this, I immediately got the medicine from the official BambuGround website, and I have to tell you that my discomfort progressively lessened, eradicating the tingling and numbness in my legs, within a few days.

The breakthrough technology is the BambuGround Mat's secret.

This relieves foot pain and edoema in minutes.

It increases blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, as well as relieving edoema in the legs and ankles.

It's like if you have tiny tingle fairies floating about in your legs.You may practically feel the unclogging of your arteries.

Your blood circulation increases, and your injured and weak muscles begin to mend.

What's the best part?

Because it's so light and portable, I started using it even during my breaks.

What I like about the grounding mat is how easily it folds into my handbag. I keep it with me at all times.

In fact, I purchased two of them.
-one is at my workplace,
-as well as another one I have at home.

I feel so much better after only 14 days. I'm going up and down the hospital steps, and my legs feel considerably lighter.

Every time I use it, I can really feel the blood circulation in my feet improve.

And I feel like I've had the finest massage of my life by the conclusion of each session, which lasts less than 15 minutes.

My swollen and aching ankles have disappeared!

And now my coworkers are asking where I got it. I was so moved by their reply that I burst into tears.

But these were not tears of shame or humiliation.

They were Victory tears.

Two Years of Suffering, Shame, and Disgrace Were Removed in a Single Sitting


I take out my BambuGround Mat and lay my feet on it if my feet start to hurt even a little. It immediately puts an end to the agony and swelling.

I can assure you that by now my legs would be bloated and inflated like balloons if not for the BambuGround Mat.

It is analogous to deflating a balloon.

My spouse even noticed the change. However, that's a tale I can't share here 😛.

It may seem hyperbolic, but this little, user-friendly gadget really saved my life.

Now that I'm back on my feet, I can offer my patients the smile and attention they deserve for entire days.

It's evident to my coworkers that I'm enjoying my work immensely.

And I have the vigour of a lady 20 years younger.

I feel like the finest days of my life are ahead of me.

If standing for hours on end without swelling legs is a priority for you, I can't suggest BambuGround enough - give it a try and watch as your agony goes in seconds.

"It's Easy To See Why The BambuGround Mats Are Selling Out Fast"

Here's how it works

The Features Helping Thousands "Switch Off" Their Foot Pain

A Whopping 95% of Verified Users Reported Feeling Immediate Relief


But don't take it from me. Thousands of individuals have benefited from this device, which removes foot discomfort.

Here's What Others Have to Say About the BambuGround Mat


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