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Bambu Ground™ Conductive EMF Blanket

Bambu Ground™ Conductive EMF Blanket

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Introducing the Bambu Ground™ Conductive EMF Blanket—a premium shield lined with silver radiation protection to ensure your child is safeguarded against the ever-present wireless radiation from WiFi, Bluetooth, cell phones, and 5G networks.

Experience the perfect blend of luxury and protection, providing utmost comfort while shielding against potential impacts on growth, DNA, and brain cells. Tailored for pregnancy to infancy, this super-soft blanket is designed for early developmental stages, offering reliable defense during times of higher susceptibility to wireless radiation.

EMF PROTECTION ANTI-RADIATION BLANKET : Protect your infant throughout pregnancy and early life, when they are most vulnerable to wireless radiation exposure.

ORGANIC COTTON BLANKET: The Bambu Ground™ Conductive EMF Blanket is composed of superior grade baby-soft organic cotton lined with the dependable protection of silver shielding from EMF radiation, making it an easy method to safeguard your kid from wireless radiation.

MIND SETTLEMENT. THE PRODUCT IS SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE: Reduce your concerns about mobile phone, 5G, WiFi, Bluetooth, and laptop radiation. Working on your laptop, iPad, or mobile phone while wearing the blanket provides you with peace of mind and reassurance.

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: The Bambu Ground™ Conductive EMF Blanket is multifunctional, functioning as a baby blanket, play mat, and all-around companion from pregnancy to youth.

PROTECTION FROM EDGE TO EDGE: Under the cotton lie, the radiation shielding fabric extends from edge to edge.

Best for: Travel, sleeping, pregnancy protection, baby/child protection, and working

Shielding Effectiveness (50dB): 99.9%. 

80% cotton, 20% polyester blanket; Back layer: Bambu Ground shielding fabric (silver fibre and polyester).

Size: 60 x 72 inches (153 x 183 cm)


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