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Pets Earthing Mat - Cats & Dogs

Pets Earthing Mat - Cats & Dogs

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Our pets can also benefit from earthing or grounding mats. Grounding can make your pet sleep better, feel more relaxed and pain-free, be more active and fit, decrease the chances of diseases, help heal a lot faster from injuries or if they've just been operated on.

Size: 23 x 35 inches (60 x 90 cm)

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1.- Plug it in

Connect the product to the ground connection of your home giving the mat its conductive and antibacterial properties which will allow the earthing to take place as soon as your pet makes contact

2.- Recognition

Make sure your pet recognizes the products as his… associate it to one of his toys or aromas

3.- Create a habit

Pets are beings of habit… they act via repetition, so make sure your pet uses the mat as much as possible. If he does so,  it's just a matter of time for him to develop the habit of earthing and benefit from the associated benefits.

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